– It is a live viral vaccine produced in an embryonated Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) eggs using the relatively heat stable variant strain, developed at Queensland University – Australia.

– Each field dose contains at least log 107 ELD50 viral particles..


– The vaccine is available in vials of 250, 100 and 50 doses.


– Since thermostable minority populations are present in the relatively heat stable strain I2, the vaccine can be stored at +4 ºC.


OCULAR ROUTE – Use an eye dropper. To calculate the volume of water which should be added to dilute the number of doses of the vaccine per vial follow the instructions below:

* Measure 1 ml of water to the dropper

* Count the number of drops in this 1ml of water

* Calculate the volume of diluent required to dilute the number of doses of the vaccine per vial with the eye – dropper in use:

Volume of diluent (ml) = No. of doses of vaccine per vial

No. of drops formed per ml

Example: How much diluent should be added to a vial containing 250 doses of ND vaccine given that 1 ml of water in the eye – dropper yielded 50 drops?

Volume of diluent (ml) = 250 doses per vial

50 drops per ml

= 5 ml per vial

DRINKING WATER – the quantity of water generally required per bird for the drinking water vaccination is as follows:

ORAL DRENCH – Dissolve the 200 doses in 200 ml, the 100 doses in 100 ml and the 50 doses in 50 ml. administer by oral drench 1 ml of dissolved vaccine squirting into the beak of each bird using a clean plastic syringe.

for 10 – 14 day – old birds —————————- 10-15 ml

for 3 – 8 weeks – old birds —————————- 20-30 ml

for other birds ——————————————- 40 ml

To calculate the volume of water required to dilute the vaccine, multiply the number of doses of the vaccine per vial by the amount of ml required per bird according to the above table.

Example: to dilute 500 doses of vaccine for 8 week – old birds multiply 500 by 30 that means you need 15 liters of water to dilute the 500 doses of vaccine per vial.


– First vaccination: Day old and Above (preferably up to 10 days)

– Second vaccination: 3 – 4 weeks.

– Third vaccination: 3 – 4 months.

– Repeat every 3 – 4 months.


– Vaccinate only apparently healthy chicken.