Veterinary Drugs Manufacturing

National Veterinary Institute (NVI) embarked on a new veterinary drugs manufacturing plant that is being built in Bishoftu town at the NVI compound. The construction, which will cost the factory up to 70 million ETB is said to follow the international standard of good manufacturing practice (GMP), which will allow it to export its products competitively to other countries generating foreign currency. Moreover it also enables to produce safe, effective and affordable veterinary pharmaceuticals of the required quality, in adequate quantity at all times.

The annual production capacity of the NVI envisaged veterinary drug manufacturing plant for bolus production line will be 91.54 million boluses.

National Veterinary Institute, which celebrated its golden jubilee two years ago, currently having 267 employees, will increase the number of its workers to 381 when the Veterinary Drugs Manufacturing Plant becomes operational.

NVI Veterinary Drugs Manufacturing Plant will produce drugs in boluses dosage form and based on the feasibility study the selected types of drugs to be manufactured by the envisaged plant are:

  • Albendazole 300mg ,
  • Albendazole 600mg ,
  • Albendazole 2500mg
  • Oxyclozanide 300mg + Levamisole 150mg,
  • Oxyclozanide 600mg + Levamisole 300mg Blisters ,
  • Oxyclozanide 1400mg + Levamisole 1000mg Blisters ,
  • Oxyclozanide 1400mg + Levamisole 1000mg Strips ,
  • Triclabendazole 250mg,
  • Triclabendazole 900mg ,
  • Tetramisole 600mg,and

Tetracycline 500mg.