The Institute is pointing up on research exertion

The National veterinary Institute has pointing up on research works in the second Growth and Transformation Plan.

Producing effective veterinary vaccines both in quality and quantity is one of the focus areas of the strategic plan of the institute in GTP two. Strengthening veterinary vaccine researches and producing veterinary medicines are at the center of the institute’s plan.

Upgrading foregoing veterinary vaccines and developing new vaccine are among the precedence of the institute in the years to come.

Ovine and Bovine pasturellosis and lumpskin disease vaccine researches are some of the projects to be improved among the others. Moreover Rabies vaccine immunogenicity research is due to start up with the support of CDC (Centre for Disease Control-USA) and NIH (National Institute of Health-USA).

Fowl cholera, Mycoplasma galisepticum and Epizootic lymphangitis vaccines are among a new vaccine development research activities of the institute in the GTP2 period. In addition Pathogen respiratory banking and diagnostic kit preparation are part of the plan.